I am a cognitive neuroscientist working at University of the Balearic Islands (UIB). Psychology Department. Also collaborating with University College London (Institute of Neurology) and the Max Plank (Human Cognition) | E: a.galvez-pol@uib.es Brief bio:

  • 2019: Visiting researcher and lecturer (Max Plank Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences and Univ. Balearic Islands; UIB).
  • 2017: Research associate (University College London, Institute of Neurology)
  • 2017: PhD in cognitive Neuroscience (City, University of London)
  • 2013: Master in Evolution and Human Cognition (UIB)
  • 2012: BSc Psychology (UIB and Univ. California State Northridge)

Currently I’m working on 2 matters:
(a) How do we remember others’ bodies? –the mechanisms allowing encoding and memory processing of visually perceived bodily information. (b) What is the effect of our inner bodily organs upon cognition? (Interoception).  I examine these questions by examining electrophysiology and behaviour (somatosensory, motor-cortical potentials, ECG, GSR, respiration, etc.). 

Research Interests

  • Interoception, Sensorimotor processing, Working memory, Neuroaesthetics, Oscillatory bodily rythms, Electrophysiology


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Current Collaborators:

  • James Kilner (University College London)
  • Bettina Forster (City, University of London)
  • Beatriz Calvo-Merino (City, University of London)
  • Luigi Tame (Birkbeck, University of London)
  • Eleanor Palser (University of San Francisco, USA)
  • Mathew Longo (Birkbeck, University of London)
  • Julia Christensen (Max Planck, Germany)
  • Michael Gaebler (Max Planck, Germany)
  • Sven Ohl (Humboldt University, Germany)

© Copyright 2021, Alejandro Galvez-Pol