Bodily Realm

There is more than colours and shapes in the picture, there are other components embedded in the whole percept. For instance, when seeing others’ bodies, we see and represent them according to visual features as well to the body-related information (kinematics, intentions, body-experience) embedded in the visual input.

The Bodily Realm Collection explores the door to the big questions: How do we ‘see’ others in the brain? and.. how do we create memories of others’ bodies?

SCx I (2)

The method



SCx II - Copy

Escher’s allegory



SCx III (2)

The reason why




Centred_Body Deconstruction (or tortilla de patatas)-2 copy

Body deconstruction (or tortilla de patatas)



Multidimensional bodies



Unknown participant


beyond tactile_455X320

Tactile or motor


Facing curiosity 2 copia

Facing curiosity


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