Repetition Evolves

Photography (118 x 84 cm)

Alex_Galvez-Pol 25% -10light and saturation copy

Repetition is the common mechanism to both Art and Evolution: art and genes are copied, propelled, and repeated into further generations. Only by imitating/repeating others’ work and techniques, artists reach new horizons and create what we consider “new art”. Similarly, only by repeating and conveying our genetic material, evolution can generate a new being.

‘Repetition Evolves’ reflects on the correspondence between culture and nurture, as well as on the fallacy surrounding the enigmatic and secretive world of the artists’ “spontaneous” creativity. Here, the central figure depicts a young woman emulating a double helix of DNA emerging from a repeated pattern. She is the embodiment of survival and creativity; a new artwork, a new being! a vibrant and effulgent figure emanating from a trace of lifeless repetitions that vanish into darkness.

This photography was created using brushes of light against a body surface during a long exposure. The composition is inspired by the immensity found in the landscapes of Caspar Friedrich, the repetition found in the work of M.C Escher, and my conversations with Mark Thomas, professor of Evolutionary Genetics.